Excellence in Nanomaterials Engineering

GC is driven by an ethos to create life-changing products and a passion to bring nanomaterials engineering to life, for the good of humankind.

We apply our expertise in graphene, aerogel and other nanomaterials to create breakthrough technologies and turn innovative ideas into commercial realities for our partners and customers.

“By placing our knowledge in your hands we can build the future together.” (Sandy Chen, CEO)

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GC Presenting and Exhibiting at MedicalAM Conference

This week GC exhibited and presented at the MedicalAM conference that focuses on the latest...

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GC Patrol Shield Filming

Filming the Patrol Shield in action! Great day in a very cold Rhode Island last...

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Interview with our brilliant, Ann Devine for Women and Girls in Science Day 2022

https://vimeo.com/676396037   In light of Unesco Women and Girls in Science Day  Ann Devine in...

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Who we are

Pioneers of Nanotechnology Engineering

GC is led by a passionate, creative and dedicated team with a belief that possibility is endless and in so many ways ‘it’s the small things that matter’.

Founded back in 2016 by entrepreneur Sandy Chen, a force of nature in commerce, GC was soon joined by Dr Steve Devine, a world leader in the field of nanomaterial engineering with experience in some of the world’s leading research institutes – together creating a fertile ground for ideation and commercial reality.

About Us

Bringing Nanomaterials Engineering to life

Combining a profound knowledge of nanotechnology engineering with commercially-minded innovation, we have created new technologies, from GC Ink®, that kills 100% of coronavirus in under one minute in ink format to our GC Shield® that provides ballistic protection against active shooters.

With a focused and efficient R&D process and an approved supplier network, GC delivers innovation with an unwavering commitment to delivering products and technologies that offer enhanced function and positively impact society.

“True nanomaterial engineering starts with a theory, continues through research, development and testing – only then, can we know what’s truly possible.” (Steve Devine, CTO)

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Our Approach

Innovation + Collaboration + Breakthrough Technology = World-Changing Products

From concept to formulation, and manufacturing to application, GC offers global brands the nanomaterial platform technology they need to solve key challenges and bring breakthrough products to market rapidly, with complete scientific integrity.

We work with our partners and customers through:

GC Licensing

Our patented technology, in your hands, with our support. 

GC Manufacturing

Via our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers we can help you to create Inks, Dispersions, Composites and Compounds - all backed by our high standards of quality control.

GC Labs

Explore further applications of GC patent portfolio.

GC People

Passionate, trusted and super-bright Team, supporting innovation and research for your Company

Trusted Nanomaterial Partners

Our partners are global manufacturers, product owners and research institutes who strive to be at the forefront of their sectors.

Recognitions and Awards

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Let's talk about building a brighter future together

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