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GC Labs are based in the NETPark science park, in Sedgefield. NETPark is one of the UK`s premier science, engineering, and technology parks. The park provides the right mix of infrastructure, collaborative opportunities, and support for science, engineering, and technology companies.

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CIC Providence

GC USA has offices at 225 Dyer Street in the newly built CIC building in the heart of Rhode Island`s innovation and design district. CIC is a global organization that specializes in building and operating innovation communities – designed to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

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GC Norway

InnoCamp Steinkjer

GC Norway has offices in the city of Steinkjer, in the brand new InnoCamp building. InnoCamp opened in 2019, with the mission to create a regional leading environment for innovation and growth. With the philosophy that innovation will flourish in an environment where people from different expertise can come together and share thoughts and ideas.

Steinkjer is part of Trønderlag county, which is known for being the technology and innovation capital of Norway. The excellent research facilities and funding initiatives, particularly in the fields of science, energy, and health, are a major draw for many international organisations.

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Latest Patent News

We are really happy to announce that we have received notification from the UK's Intellectual...

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GC feature in The Innovation Platform

Great piece on GC in The Innovation Platform's upcoming publication on all things graphene!  The...

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GC Norway established to support expansion in Scandinavia and the EU

GC announces its launch of a Norwegian subsidiary located in Steinkjer’s innovation campus, InnoCamp. GC’s...

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