Developing breakthroughs in speed, fuel
efficiency and manoeuvrability with GC's
stronger, lighter and more resilient composites

About GC Aerospace

Creating stronger, lighter and more resilient products for aviation, aeronautics & other applications

We are developing an aerospace composite that has similar performance as carbon-fibre composites - at less than half the weight. 

Using a production process similar to that used in carbon fibre aircraft components, we cure multiple layers of graphene-infused polymer, aerogels and other aerospace materials into a strong, lightweight material. This will provide a higher degree of shock/impact resistance than other aerospace materials.

Product Specifications

Aerospace Technology

Frictionless design

Low friction of the graphene top surface reduces drag

Dispersing lightning

Aerogel provides thermal insulation, whilst the graphene disperses lightening strikes due to its high electrical conductivity

Dampening vibrations

Aerogel layers will dampen vibrations (crucial to transonic performance, particularly when transitioning from subsonic to supersonic)

Thermal performance

Our GC composite will have a significantly lower coefficient of thermal expansion, important in key areas such as the nose cone and wing edges