A range of armour products providing lightweight mobile protection to individuals and groups, plus effective protection for installation in large spaces.

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The GC™ Armour range

GC Shield™

A lightweight, flexible shield that is both bullet and stab proof (i.e. tested to exceed US National Institute of Justice Level IIIA and UK Home Office PB1 and KR2 standards). Smaller versions of the GC Shield can fit into a schoolbag; larger versions can provide full torso protection.

GC Shield Plus™

Created to stop multiple 7.62 x 51mm NATO M80 sniper bullets and AR-15 assault rifle M193 bullets fired at close range - is less than half the weight of a bulletproof shield offering similar protection offered by a competitor.

GC Shield™ Wall

GC Shields can be connected quickly and easily with other GC Shields to form a Shield Wall - providing speedy, mobile protection for a group of people in the first crucial moments of an attack.

GC Shield™ Curtain

A bullet and stab proof curtain that can be deployed quickly, effectively and safely to provide protection against active shooters in large spaces (e.g. school cafeterias, open plan areas and entrance halls).

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Bullet Test Graphene Aerogel Test
In Action


In this slow motion video, we show the GC SHIELD™ Plus performance using an AR-15 Assault rifle firing a 2 round burst of M193 bullets. The bullets are caught successfully without any back face deformation or damage to the torso.

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GC Shield Technology

Advanced product design

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Bullet & stab proof

GC SHIELD provides stab proof as well as bulletproof protection. Combining our patent pending graphene/aerogel composite with additional advanced materials, creates a highly effective bullet and stab proof layer without increasing weight.

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The GC SHIELD is extremely lightweight compared to other conventional armours, increasing mobility and comfort, for example it can be easily carried in a rucksack.

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Combine to form a Shield Wall

The Shield can be connected easily with other GC SHIELDs to form a SHIELD WALL. This is a key advantage versus other shields which only protect a single individual.

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This ability to dissipate impact force quickly and effectively is lessens the trauma/impact on the user.

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Hypersonic Shear Thickening Effect

The GC SHIELD’s hypersonic force dispersion and reflection creates a shear thickening effect. In other words, the harder the impact, the harder it gets.

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Product Extension

The GC SHIELD technology can be incorporated in large formats such as a GC SHIELD CURTAIN to protect people in large spaces.

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At Graphene Composites we are committed to comply with the US Anti-Terrorism Law and the EU Anti-Terrorism policy. When you submit your order, we require you to go through a background check to confirm your egibility and identity.
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Buy 10 GC Shields to form a Shield wall and get a 20% discount to the cumulative individual unit price.

Available in 3 sizes
Available in 3 sizes
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