Providence, Rhode Island, 24th May 2023:  Barrington Police Dept have significantly increased the ballistic protection for their officers and the safety of the town’s residents and students, with the purchase of two new GC Patrol Shields from Graphene Composites USA.

 The GC Patrol Shields have been purchased using donated funds for safety purchases and will provide an additional arsenal for Barrington’s PD with unrivalled protection. The shields have a unique lightweight design and unmatched ability to stop multiple handgun and rifle rounds, including edge shots.  At only 21 lbs, the GC Patrol Shields can quickly be combined to create a shield wall barricade for active shooter situations, evacuations, and rescue.

“Keeping our citizens safe from harm is of paramount importance to us,” said Chief Michael Correia, Barrington. “The GC Patrol Shields will enhance protection and safety, allowing first responders to confidently deploy when it matters most, without compromising mobility and usability.  We sincerely thank the benefactors for enabling this purchase.”

Darren Delaney, VP Protection Division, GC said “we are proud to bring our unique and unparalleled technology to Barrington. The GC Patrol Shields will provide enhanced tactical protection for their officers and residents.”