A big thank you to our summer research intern, Daniel Weber. Daniel based in the US and studying at Tufts, conducted market research for GC focusing on ballistic armour and antimicrobial markets throughout the summer. It has been an absolute pleasure having Daniel as part of the GC team and we wish him all the best with the rest of his psychology studies.

Before Daniel left we asked him a few questions about his internship and his interests – here are his answers.

What do you want to be when you “grow up”?
I want to be either a psychologist working with patients and research or a lawyer working on political and social justice issues.

What did you get out of your time at GC?

In my time at GC, I learned to handle myself better while presenting and to be more patient with the research process. I presented my findings in weekly meetings throughout my time here, and I got much more comfortable doing so as time went on. Additionally, the search for specific information was often a tough, time-consuming task and I grew to be ok with the disappointment of sometimes not finding what I was hoping to find.

What did you look for when choosing a place to do your internship?
For work this summer, I looked for a place that would allow me to learn and demonstrate new skills while also granting me some autonomy and flexibility in my work schedule. I was pleased to find that GC was a company defined by helping the world in concrete ways with regard to the pandemic and gun violence.

What do you study and what interests you about your field of study?
I am a Clinical Psychology major with minors in Economics and Political Science. Entering college, I wanted to study all three subjects, and I hope to find a future career that allows me to apply what I have learned in each of these areas.

Who (celebrity/family/friend) have influenced you most in your field of interest?
My grandfather was a psychiatrist and never grew tired of his everyday work despite his long career. He calls his past experience of working with patients “endlessly fascinating,” and I hope to find something like he did that both helps the world and also presents new, interesting challenges each day.

What accomplishment are you proud of?
I am proud of my academic and political work in the professional world over the past year. The remote work conditions and constant uncertainty made excelling in these areas difficult, but I was able to manage each of the challenges that came forth.

What is one food you would not want to live without?
The foods I would not want to give up are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and anything from the local Chinese takeout restaurant.

What do you do for fun?
In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, as well as closely following professional sports, particularly the Boston sports teams. I also spend time discussing politics and global issues and playing poker with friends.