Our next funding round is now live on Crowdcube! If you want to be part of a revolution in nanomaterials engineering, please join us.

We had our first funding round with Crowdcube back in 2016 – and five years later we have not only successfully developed our graphene/aerogel composite armour technology that was only an idea back then, but also successfully developed a graphene oxide/silver nanoparticle formulation, GC Ink, that has been independently tested to neutralise 100% of Coronavirus and Influenza viruses in one minute in liquid form, and is highly effective against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19 when applied to filter fabrics.

We are now working with several partners to commercialise our GC Ink and GC Shield technologies.

Please join us as we develop and deploy these and other nanomaterials engineering technologies!