Protection and Durability

Working to improve the durability of wind turbines with unique composite and cooling additive technologies

Wind power

Rising to the challenge

GC is devising solutions to prolong the working life of a wind turbine installation to drive down operation & maintenance costs. In particular, GC aims to reduce the risk of catastrophic failures.

Operation & maintenance costs typically account for 20% to 25% of the total expense of current wind power systems. This increases significantly with offshore wind farms due to the complexity of accessing and conducting maintenance on the turbines, cabling and towers. Add in a harsh marine environment and expected failure rates for some components increase considerably.

Here at GC, we focus on two key areas of a turbine:
• Blade repair, maintenance and operation
• Lubrication and cooling efficiencies of engines

Extending Blade life

Erosion of the leading edge of wind turbine blades reduces aerodynamic efficiency and power output and eventually compromises the integrity of blade surfaces. Blades often need to be removed and repaired either by rope access teams, or on the ground, both of which require disconnection of the blade, increasing costs and resources, especially offshore.

With new blade costs being 22% of the overall installation spend, extending the life of a blade has huge cost and efficiency advantages.

At GC, we are developing our patented Shield technology to protect vulnerable areas of a turbine blade.

efficient cooling

Our GC thermal management solution provides greater lubrication and cooling efficiencies, enabling longer operating lives and higher peak load capacities.

GC technologies are designed to dissipate hot spots in power transformers and gearbox/drivetrain components of turbines.

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