Sedgefield, UK, February 10th, 2022:  Graphene Composites (GC), has invented a unique coating for air filters, GC Halo™ that destroys viruses and bacteria on contact.  Designed to be effective against all Covid variants including Omicron, GC Halo treated air filters will help deliver cleaner and safer indoor air.

GC, a world leader in nanomaterials engineering, introduces its pioneering graphene oxide and silver nanoparticle ink formulation, GC Halo™ that destroys pathogens by forming a ‘trap and kill’ layer on air filters. Fast-acting, safe and more than 99% effective against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, independent tests and certifications prove GC Halo’s capabilities as a filter coating.

“GC Halo uses groundbreaking nanoparticle technology to neutralise pathogens” says Dr Steve Devine, CTO at GC, “the distinctive targeting of the lipid membrane means GC Halo is designed to be effective against any Covid variants – including Omicron. This is a key advantage, especially considering the several mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus since its first outbreak”.

GC Halo’s potency doesn’t end there; preliminary data from clinical trials reveals our nanoparticle preparation is equally effective against common and dangerous bacteria E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and black mould. This points to broad potential applications for GC Halo in the health and wellbeing spheres.


Patent Protection

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has published GC’s patent application for GC Halo™ – further protecting GC’s IP. This follows on from publication by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and respective filings in the US, China and International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent authorities. This IPO publication marks an important milestone following the IPO’s rigorous review process and brings our pioneering, protective coating closer to the world’s people to keep them safe. We’re delighted with the new brand name, believing GC Halo™ captures the all-encompassing protection that our formulation represents.


Living (well) with coronavirus and other pathogens

GC Halo’s ‘patent pending’ categorisation is timely and critical; governments and populations internationally are increasingly appreciating that the world cannot continue in its cycle of lockdowns and reopenings according to Covid infection rates. There is a desperate need for affordable, easily implemented solutions to safeguard against the coronavirus and other pathogens. These approaches will involve living safely with viruses, supported by effective vaccination and booster programmes, rather than their total eradication.

The shift away from a pandemic world view to acceptance of endemic diseases whose spread and rates of infection are more predictable will trigger a global need for infrastructures, equipment and environments that can facilitate healthy coexistence with pathogens.

GC Halo will prove a valuable tool to Governments and health institutions internationally who are acutely aware that air quality and exceptional ventilation and filtering equipment will play a prominent role in their strategies. Reduced exposure to airborne pathogens including Covid will be an essential facet of public health protection in all community buildings including entertainment venues, hospitals and schools and in all forms of mass transport systems. Air filters coated with GC Halo provide long-lasting, effective protection against a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Tests have shown the coating doesn’t shed in air filtering applications and there is no contamination risk. It’s a convenient, cost-effective solution requiring no retrofitting that works and can be:

  • Coated onto filter material for ventilation solutions
  • Applied to materials to create new products or incorporated into existing product ranges to create enhanced products


Pre-launch clinical investigation 

A leading US university is conducting real-world trials using GC Halo within a Covid setting with similar trials in the UK and Europe being progressed. We’re also enthusiastic about the commercial prospects our manufacturing partnership with Thailand’s Sun Filter Co, a leading filter maker and one of the world’s largest exporters, will generate. Sun Filter will focus its expertise on building GC Halo-coated filter products and enhancing the brand’s commercial presence, selling directly to the retail consumer markets, governmental, healthcare and military sectors.

“This is a major step in the commercialisation of our patent pending formulation which has demonstrated its broadband effectiveness against a wide variety of pathogens,” Sandy Chen, GC CEO and Co-Founder, commented, “designed to tackle new coronavirus variants, air filters coated with GC Halo are a powerful tool in tackling the spread of viruses and bacteria, now and in the future.”

GC Halo™ formulations are protected by patents pending.  Please contact us for more information on GC Halo.