Nice way to kick-off 2023! We have won the Northern Enterprise Award for Global Leading Innovators in Advanced Materials by SME News.

Recognition to our amazing Team and our partners who make it all possible!

SME News Press Release:

SME News is delighted to announce the winners of the Northern Enterprise Awards.

This year has been a tumultuous one, but there is a huge collection of businesses that are keeping us positive. As we head towards the very end of 2022, we are proud to present this year’s Northern Enterprise Award winners to you.

Rich in variety, this winner’s supplement showcases a plethora of businesses across an astounding number of sectors. Spanning from care to funeral homes, gymnastics clubs to property management, IT suppliers to marketing, and much more, this programme boasts a brilliant selection of business to take you on a journey across the corporate landscape, in the North of England.

Awards Coordinator, Kaven Cooper, wanted to say a few words to congratulate the winners within this programme, saying, “I am happy to have had the pleasure of hosting this year’s Northern Enterprise Awards and I look forward to seeing what these companies do next. They are all part of our journey as humankind, and there are plenty of businesses here than can elevate our quality of life. Well done to every last one of them.”