Providence, Rhode Island, 20th June 2024:  

Graphene Composites USA (GC USA) announces expansion of its Protection Team with the hire of security expert Ron Tetreau, who joins as Tactical Defense Liaison.

Tetreau will act as a consultant providing liaison services to Military, Special Operations Units, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and other Tactical Units to promote the sales of GC Shield ballistic protection products.  

GC USA, an advanced materials engineering company, produces ultralight GC Shield, amongst the strongest, lightest, and most resilient ballistic shields available in the market.  Providing unrivalled protection to response teams with its unique lightweight, the shields have an unmatched ability to stop multiple handgun and rifle rounds and edge shots.

Distinguished law enforcement and military career

With a law enforcement and military career of more than 30 years, Tetreau has extensive operational experience and training in Homeland Security Operations; battle tested during combat operations and direct action SWAT Operations.  He has been involved in many high profile operations, including as a member of 1996 Olympic Security Team and undercover operations as well as liaison to General Officers and public-service activities, including life member of VFW and former Post Commander.  Tetreau also owns and runs the tactical training enterprise Asymmetric Training and Assessment Group, ATAG LLC for law enforcement operators.

Darren Delaney, VP, Protection Division, said, “we are thrilled that Ron Tetreau is joining the Team.  With his significant operational and strategic experience in both defense and law enforcement, coupled with his business acumen, Ron brings an authoritative and commercial strength to our sales & marketing efforts”.

Proud to be part of this innovative company with cutting-edge technology

“This is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative company with cutting-edge technology”, says Ron Tetreau, “I have been incredibly impressed with the GC Shields and believe these are game changers in the market.  They are one of the lightest rifle rated shields around without sacrificing ballistic protection – I am proud to be onboard and part of the Team”.

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About Graphene Composites USA:  GC USA is an innovative advanced materials engineering company, driven by an ethos to create life-changing products.  As a world leader in advanced and nano-materials research, development, and design, we apply our expertise to a wide range of applications. We work with manufacturers to resolve key technical challenges by developing breakthrough solutions and incorporating our technologies to enhance existing product performance.

About GC Shield:  GC Shield products bring unrivalled ballistic coverage against rifle rounds and special threats, exceeding NIJ Level III.  The shields take multiple shots, including stacked rounds and edge shots, without spalling or ricochet and minimal back face deformation.  GC Shields are incredibly lightweight – half the weight of other rifle shields – making them the strongest, lightest and most resilient ballistic shields available.