North Kingstown, Rhode Island, 7th September, 2022:  North Kingstown Police Department (NKPD) have significantly increased the ballistic protection options for their officers with the purchase of two new GC Patrol Shields from Graphene Composites USA.

The GC Patrol Shields will provide members of the NKPD with unrivalled protection that exceeds national rifle shield standards with their unique lightweight design and unmatched ability to stop multiple handgun and rifle rounds, including edge shots.  At only 21 lbs, the GC Patrol Shields can be quickly combined to create a shield wall barricade for active shooter situations, evacuations, and rescue.

The GC Patrol Shields will be fitted with FoxFury’s powerful B30 & B50 Tasker Shield Lights, providing tactical officers with panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment to see and respond faster.

“This is a gamechanger in protection for us,” said Patrick Flanagan, Chief of Police, North Kingstown. “The GC Patrol Shields are half the weight of the shields we currently use and are so much easier to deploy, increasing protection without compromising mobility and usability.”

Darren Delaney, VP Protection Division, GC said “we are proud to bring our unique and unparalleled technology to North Kingstown. The GC Patrol Shields will provide enhanced tactical protection for their officers.”

“We are excited to hear that NKPD has new ballistic shields with FoxFury’s B30 & B50 Tasker shield lights.  The shield lights add additional layers of protection to the officers as well as providing them with new solutions for them to use” said Maria Cugini, Director of Sales, FoxFury.

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