We have reached a number of key milestones that we can share with you in this May update:

  • International patents nearing grants – international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) examiners have approved several of our patent claims that cover our core technologies; we expect to be granted these patents within the next few months.
  • GC USA first customer contracts – we are finalising the first US school contract for GC Shield™ active shooter protection, with established paths to contract with several more schools and places of worship.
  • GC Shield ™ Curtain withstands multiple AR-15 bursts – independently tested to withstand multiple M193 bursts from an AR-15 assault rifle – AR-15s firing M193 rounds have been used in many US mass shootings.
  • Expanding our Modular Manufacturing model – agreement with a US final-stage manufacturing partner to enable us to assemble our GC Shields and Shield Curtains close to our US customers. Also publicising our successful partnership with leading UK graphene producer Thomas Swan.
  • Trademarks – we have successfully registered trademarks for all of our products

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