Graphene Composites USA (GC USA) is delighted to announce the donation of a GC Patrol Shield® to the Woonsocket Police Dept, following successful ballistic shield training using the shields and testimonial activities.

The GC Patrol Shield is designed to stop rifle threats and yet be used by patrol and school resource officers (SROs).  Providing unrivalled protection to response teams with its unique lightweight, the shields have an unmatched ability to stop multiple handgun and rifle rounds and edge shots without compromising mobility.

“Ensuring the safety and protection of our officers and civilians is paramount”, Chief Thomas F. Oates III, Woonsocket Police Dept said, “and the GC Patrol Shield provides another level of protection to make Woonsocket a safer place to live, work and visit. In training, we have been impressed by the lightweight, easy handling and ballistic protection that the shield offers.”

Mox Weber, President of GC USA, said, “we are thrilled to be able to support Woonsocket PD with this donation. They have been able to put the Patrol Shield through its paces and provide invaluable feedback and assistance in showcasing its unique benefits.



About GC Shield:  GC ballistic shields bring unrivalled ballistic coverage against rifle rounds and special threats, exceeding NIJ Level III.  The shields take multiple shots, including stacked rounds, edge shots without spalling or ricochet and minimal back face deformation, while being incredibly lightweight – half the weight of other rifle shields.