A new way of
harnessing the
earth's power

From lightning to energy in your home, GC's unique composites will revolutionise energy provision

GC Power Overview

energy provision

The highly-conductive graphene coating on our GC composite cable (held aloft by weather balloons) will be by far, the path of least resistance for electricity to travel along.

Electricity flows, even the extremely large bursts from lightning strikes, will travel down the graphene-coated cable into a super-capacitor array, which would release electricity into the power grid in a controlled manner.

Product Design

Lightning Harvester Technology

Absorbing energy

The lightning harvester will channel electrons down the graphene surface of the ribbon

A safe design

With a power surge (e.g. from a lightning strike), the aerogel layer underneath will bounce back up to the graphene surface

Capturing Energy from Air

When enough energy accumulates on the graphene surface, the air becomes ionised

Powering Earth

In effect, creating a standing bolt of lightning which would itself channel electrons to the ultra capacitors on the ground