Innovation + Collaboration + Breakthrough Technology = World-Changing Products

From concept to formulation, and manufacturing to application, GC offers global brands the nanomaterials platform technology they need to solve key technical challenges and bring breakthrough products to market rapidly and with complete scientific integrity.

You can apply GC’s breakthrough technologies in a range of different production areas. Our overarching technologies have registered patents and patents are pending for all our products.

“From theory to R&D, and from testing to production, GC helps global brands unlock the potential of nanomaterials engineering to bring world-changing products to life.” (Sandy Chen, CEO)

Pioneering development

We work with innovators who thrive on harnessing the power of possibility to maintain their position as industry leaders; they embrace the new technologies that change the world.

We supply manufacturers, product owners and brands who understand that the drive to realise big wins through a process of continual improvement keeps them at the forefront of their industries.

Case Study


Read how the GC and 401 Tech Bridge teams are looking forward to eventually moving production of GC Ink and other GC technology to the new Advanced Materials and Technology Center anticipated to open sometime in 2022 in Portsmouth, RI.

With its opening will come the commissioning and availability of the plasma reactor, which will accelerate the adoption of nanotechnology in Rhode Island and beyond.


Patent Portfolio

GC has a number of patents registered and pending across our innovation areas. Please contact us for more information on our patent portfolio.

Working with GC Labs

Working with GC Labs is a collaborative, informed and agile process – the results of which can be world-changing.

GC Products

Our nanomaterials engineered products can be incorporated into existing products or used to form new ones.

GC Manufacturing

Via our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers we can help you to create Inks, Dispersions, Composites and Compounds - all backed by our high standards of quality control.

GC Licensing

Our patented technology, in your hands, with our support. The new standard in “better than” products with use of our logo and IP to support it.

GC People

Passionate, trusted and super-bright Team, supporting innovation and research for your Company




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