Dual action Nanotechnology - 'trap and kill' surface coatings

GC Ink™ is a new, powerful formulation that establishes a virucidal and antimicrobial coating onto a surface. Working on a nanoscale, GC Ink has a dual action, ‘trap-and-kill’ nanochemistry where two nanomaterials, graphene oxide and silver, work together.

GC Ink provides superior, long-lasting protection against viruses and bacteria; it has wide-ranging uses anywhere health, safety and wellbeing are paramount.

GC Ink can be:

  • Coated onto any cellulosic pre-filter material for ventilation solutions
  • Applied to materials to create new products or incorporated into existing product ranges to create a ‘+’ product

How GC INK Works

GC’s technology is highly effective due to its dual action mechanism. The negatively-charged graphene oxide surface traps the positively-charged parts of water droplets and the protein spikes on coronavirus and other viruses. The silver nanoparticles oxidise the lipid membrane protecting coronavirus RNA, thereby killing it.

  • 100% virucidal efficacy on Human Coronavirus OC43 and Influenza A H1N1 viruses in liquid form, in less than one minute. Independently tested by Brown University
  • At least 99% virucidal efficacy on textiles. Independently tested in the UK according to ISO 18184:2019
  • No shedding of GC Ink particles in airflow tests, removing toxicity concerns
  • Independent tests confirm no measurable impact on airflow

Dual action Nanotechnology

'Trap and kill' surface coatings


Independently proven to trap and kill Human Coronavirus OC43 and Influenza A virus in liquid form, in less than one minute


Independently verified to trap and kill SARS-CoV-2 in dry filter format, the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19


A simple and inexpensive solution requiring no retrofitting. Easy installation and compatible with existing filter maintenance program


Independently confirmed to show no shedding of ink particles in airflow tests, removing toxicity and ozone concerns


Independently tested for antiviral activity on textiles according to ISO 18184:2019


Minimal energy employed to manufacture; no additional energy consumed in use

Use Case

Global governments and health institutions are acutely focused on achieving good quality air by improving indoor ventilation. In particular, their goal is to reduce exposure to airborne pathogens like SARS-CoV-2.

Ventilation in one room may carry infectious viruses into other rooms through interconnected HVAC vents of the type common in schools, hospitals and office buildings. If a COVID-19-infected person were in one ventilated room, infectious virus particles could spread from the affected room to infect others.

And that’s where virucidal filtration comes in.

GC Ink™-coated pre-filters can be quickly installed in existing HEPA filters and ventilation systems without requiring retro-fitting. It’s a fast, affordable and highly effective way of making the air we breathe cleaner and safer.

GC Ink™: how to use in ventilation solutions

  • As a pre-filter for existing HEPA and air filters
  • Retro-fitting unnecessary, making it a versatile solution compatible with existing air ventilation systems
  • Additional maintenance management not required; it becomes part of the existing filter and is recycled as such
  • No reduction in airflow performance

GC Ink™ FAQs

Questions you may have

  • What is GC Ink™?

    GC Ink™ is our patent-pending graphene oxide and silver nanoparticle formulation that establishes a virucidal layer on fabrics and surfaces.

  • How does it work?

    GC Ink™ uses a dual action, ‘trap-and-neutralise’, nanochemistry whereby graphene oxide and silver nanoparticles work together.

    The negatively-charged graphene oxide surface traps water droplets and the protein spikes on coronavirus. The silver nanoparticles neutralise coronavirus by oxidising the membrane that protects the RNA inside.

    All this happens at the nanoscale which makes it more effective. If you’d like to read a detailed scientific explanation of the technology, please refer to the Brown University report.

  • Is it effective?

    Yes. Tests by Brown University have shown that GC Ink™ in liquid form is 100% effective against Human Coronavirus OC43 and Influenza A H1N1 viruses, in less than one minute.

    Independent UK ISO tests on GC Ink™-treated fabric to determine antiviral activity on textiles have also been certified to show at least 99% effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 according to ISO 18184:2019

  • Is it safe?

    Yes. An independent study by the UK Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) confirms no shedding of GC Ink™ particles in airflow tests of GC Ink™-treated filter materials, removing toxicity concerns. The CPI study used over 20,000 sampling data points to measure particle shedding of GC Ink™ and found none.

    We are preparing for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval process, as well as the EU’s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) approval process, covering both effectiveness and safety. We are also obtaining International Standards Office (ISO) certifications for product applications.

  • Why did you develop GC Ink™?

    We developed the ink in response to COVID-19. Before the pandemic hit, we were working on a joint project with Brown University to develop a graphene oxide formulation to coat onto clothing that would protect against mosquito bites. We significantly adapted and extended this formulation to protect against coronavirus.

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